Sunday, April 8, 2012

Homeboy Goes Hiking

Many of the young people at Homeboy will mention that they've never been outside of Los Angeles. Sometimes you realize they haven't been much IN it either-- growing up with families who didn't have the resources to make it far outside of their neighborhoods, our "homies" often haven't had much experience with what many Angelenos take for granted. In the past few months Homeboy has begun an unofficial outdoor adventure club; surfing, snowboarding, and hiking are a few of the new activities that have been stirring up excitement. One homie put it thusly after dislocating his shoulder during a somewhat overambitious snowboard jump: "forget gangbanging, I've found my new rush!"

This weekend, we ventured out to Chantry Flats for a hiking expedition that brought a little sweat and a lot of tranquility. We hope to continue these outings as the days get longer and the light stays later, and bring back a little bit of the Los Angeles childhood our homies may have missed the first time.