Friday, April 29, 2011

Getting ready

Headquarters have been all a-fluster this week as we gear up for our annual awards dinner, Lo Maximo, this Saturday.

Homeboys hurry to find white button-downs. They experience the frustration and eventual joy of tying a tie for the first time.

Our event planner has set up shop in our supposed to be two but really four person office, and colorful post-its make a waterfall across large seating charts.

The Café is bustling and all the girls look a bit wide-eyed and over caffeinated; they have a long weekend ahead.

The theme of this year's event is "Virtual Homeboy"-- we give tours of our headquarters every day, but not everyone has had a chance to make it to our busy building. Instead, we're bringing Homeboy to them- setting up shop with tables for each of our departments to show what they do, from baking bread to preparing for the GED, removing tattoos and hunting for job opportunities.

"Lo Maximo" means "the greatest," and it's a night for us to celebrate our successes and thank our supporters. Tune in next week as we recap the event, and share some of the truly amazing stories of the Homeboys and Homegirls who will be speaking.

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  1. what an amazing event, and opportunity i wish you all an awesome celebration and good time.