Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hanging (ten) with the homies

Growing up in Los Angeles, it can be hard not to take things for granted. A January weekend with 75 degree sunshine is not too out of the ordinary. For someone who grew up far from the coast and without the kind of childhood that included family road trips, spending a Sunday surfing is a little more out of the ordinary. You don't usually see gang members wearing zinc and flippers.

Someone mentioned that a homegirl was interested in joining the surf trip, but that she was a little worried.

"Worried about wearing a bathing suit?"

"No, worried about... floating"

Having grown up in kidney pool-dotted west LA, I take floating for granted.

Thomas is a friend of Homeboy who had the brilliant idea to take some of our homies surfing-- getting outside somewhere that isn't mostly concrete is an experience that many of them didn't have much growing up, and is now quite alluring.

The first order of business for Robert, Mario and Andre was getting wetsuits on. Robert complained that he couldn't "sag" his pants, and Andre suddenly had an appreciation for the effort women put into wearing spandex. They all put them on backwards first.

As with any surf lesson, things started with a lot of immediate face-first plunging.

Eventually though, every participant stood up and caught a sweet ride.

It was a perfect glassy day and we ended with snacks and shell-collecting. The kind of Sunday you try not to take for granted.

"nothing stops a bullet like a job, or a wave"


  1. Beautiful ! Hope you all had a blast, looks like it. Learn to love the ocean Homies, its always been the one constant positive thing in my life. Blessings and peace to you all. Kawabunga!

  2. I've known Thomas since he and "his homies" were all in their teens...been making their boards since way back then...good to see.these
    guys sharing their love..the ocean and all the good energy it provides.
    surfboard shaper Jeeps

  3. I just want to say that I just read the book & we need more people like G in the world. God Bless you. If I ever get the chance to go to L.A I most definitly want to meet you & give you a hug.. My name is Vernise & I wish I can do the things you have done for the homies in Chicago cause lord knows the gang violence is ridiculous over here... & growing up I wish I would have had someone like G when I decided to join a gang & drug deal & do drugs..

  4. very cool. would love to seem more blog posts. :O)